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Inspired by the rich heritage and the diverse handicraft skill that the city is renowned for, Mirzapur Rugs aims to build a modern, holistic approach towards interior styling using their contemporary rug collection.


Hand-knotted rugs represent everything you look for in a rug – beauty, pride and excellence in craft. What makes it better is that each piece is unique in its own way, brought to life by the artisan’s hands and the natural fibres – the signature rough edges, the natural yarn textures - the imperfections are what makes them perfect.


Made using lush, high-quality wool, our hand tufted collection features beautiful geometric patterns along with vibrant symmetrical designs. The fine precision work, coupled with the lustrous colour options are sure to liven up any space in more ways than one.


Flatweaves are created without the use of a knotting technique and are great transition pieces. Available across a wide spectrum of colours, these relatively lightweight pieces are versatile in terms of both design and utility.


Handloom carpets are made using intersectional threads that spread across warp (length) and weft (width). This technique has stood the test of time despite many technological advancements for a simple reason – longevity and the natural high-quality shine that you get when you buy a handmade rug.

Our Story

The dream originally came to life when Mohammed Parvez Khan, a humble resident of Mirzapur who grew up in an extraordinary large family, began Neman Carpets in the small town of Jaraila in Mirzapur 30 years ago. A weaver himself, Mohammed Parvez Khan – the eldest of 7 brothers in a family of 35 – he strived to build a product that both him and his city could be proud of.

The brand has grown steadily since then, with manufacturing leading to export to some of the world’s leading home décor and styling brands across USA, UAE, Germany and Canada.

Mirzapur Rugs is a manifestation of the same dream brought to life for Indian market, with special attention to detail when it comes to aesthetics, quality rug care and handling – an aspect that daunts most when it comes to selecting the perfect rug.

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